I'm going to outline how you can read Twitter privately, by using a RSS feed reader and Nitter RSS feeds



Ever heard about nitter?

"Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy"

Here you can find the source code of nitter and the nitter.decent.social fork

Nitter RSS feeds

One (of many) powerful features Nitter offers are RSS feeds.

The feed can be retrieved for a single user (e.g. nitter.decent.social/lexfridman/rss) and contains their last 20 tweets.

So the RSS feed for a specific user can be retrieved at


Usage in RSS reader

As simple as adding the RSS feed for the users you're interested in, and you're good to go.

I can recommend Vienna if you're using macOS.

"Vienna is a free and open-source RSS/Atom newsreader"

Via brew cask it's too easy to install: brew cask install vienna

Recreate your Twitter timeline

To get the users you're currently following, you can use this handy snippet from zedeus.

Alternatively, just run npx decent-social-cli followers <your username> and you have the list of users you're currently following:

RSS feed urls

To create the RSS feeds from a list of users, you can simply prepend https://nitter.decent.social/ and append /rss.

This will result in a list like this:


Once you have that, you can copy each line and add it to your RSS feed reader.

Finally, this is how your Twitter timeline could look like:


And you still have the possibility to focus on a single user and just read their tweets:


PS: I am working on an alternative, privacy-friendly Twitter reading experience 👉 app.decent.social