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Decent is an ad-free, privacy-first Twitter reading experience. Tired of ads, suggestions, promoted tweets?

Stop Twitter from profiling you. It's your Twitter timeline after all 😉

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Here you can find some Decent benefits:

What's wrong here?

Comments count.

Retweets count.

Likes count.

Promoted Tweets.

Hashtags in your face.

Replies of friends of friends you don't really care about.

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Because it's free during beta and:

Turn off all the numbers (likes, retweets, replies, followers)

No Promoted Tweets or Ads. Ever.

Turn off hashtags / likes / retweets if you want.

Clean up your Twitter feed and read it with calm.

Launching in October 2020

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Frequently asked questions

Twitter's business model is based on advertisement and targeting, by collecting your personal information, behaviour and preferences.
This information is used to present you the timeline mixed with promoted tweets and advertisement.
That's how Twitter can be "free", but you shouldn't fall for it.

You pay for reading your Decent timeline knowing you're not being tracked, profiled and presented with "tweets you might like".
With Decent you are using a service, not being used by it.
No information at all is collected and you're not being targeted or manipulated.
Decent doesn't show ads or sells your information, that's why we need to ask a small fee.

Yes! Decent's idea is to be fully transparent and open-source, thus you can check out the code on GitHub and decide to host it on your own.
You'll have to install, host and manage Decent yourself on your own server or PC.

Privacy is a vast term and refers to many small but important information collected and misused without our consent.
This is why protecting yourself from fingerprinting, analysis and "optimization" based on your past behaviour.
Think of "Promoted Tweets" or simply advertisement you see on your Twitter timeline.
Recently I stumbled upon this paper about “I've Got Nothing to Hide” and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy by Daniel J. Solove
Read it yourself or check out the Notes about “I've Got Nothing to Hide”

Future plans 🚀

Reply to a tweet directly in Decent
Login via Twitter to fetch the accounts you follow
Timeline settings and customizations
Simplified self-hosting

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